Simple Task Logger

Time planning simple tool programmed in Python (you need to download Python from this link to run it).

Download: Simple Task Logger

It simply registers the submitted task in the time it is inserted. Current task can be paused and continued, or just ended by a new task. The registry of tasks is keept day by day in text files to be consulted.

This is a quit tool I developed to help myself to fill other time planning tools such as Artemis, were there is to report work hours weekly. I use it to keep a flexible log of my tasks to report them ending my week.

Sudoku Multiplayer en Java para móviles (J2ME) con Bluetooth

Con un interfaz minimalista. Un Sudoku, como muchos. Lo diferente es el modo multijugador que no he encontrado en ninguno, sobre el mismo tablero y simultáneamente mediante bluetooth.

A día de hoy no he encontrado dispositivo real donde probarlo. Si alguien lo quiere hacer, éstos son los ficheros.