OpenGL, camera 3 levels of freedom

This is an implementation using quaterniones of a world with objects with 3 levels of freedom.
Download it at this link.

Up: I
Down: K
Left: J
Right: L
Backward: H
Forwad: Y
Speed+: T
Speed-: G
Pitch right: D
Pitch left: A
Yaw up: W
Yaw down: S
Roll right: X
Roll left: Y

Speed+: Arrow up
Speed-: Arrow down
Pitch right: Arrow right
Pitch left: Arrow left
Yaw up: N
Yaw down: B
Roll right: V
Roll left: C

Racing 4k --> 4k Grand Prix Simulator

Version 0.0: Basic
Version 0.1: Added splines.
Version 0.2: Faked physics. Marks on the ground.
Version 0.3 (current): AI. New Circuits.
Version 1.0: 4k version. Some bugs fixed. Graphical details.

Inspired by my old Grand Prix Simulator for my Amstrad CPC 646.

Accelerate: Up arrow
Break: Down arrow
Turn right: Right arrow
Turn left: Left arrow

Click: Start/Restart

1-3: Select circuit