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Classics are back, and I wanted to pay tribute to one of the first games I had, the mythical OH MUMMY. This is a new entry for the J4K 2007 Contest, so, its size is less than 4K.
Any comment or suggestion is always welcome.


It is a long time ago when I had my first computer, an Amstrad CPC 464. Now, its 4Mhz and 64K of RAM seem to be tiny, but thanks to it, with BASIC as programming language, I started to like programming.

Then, games are loaded from a cassette, and loading last very long. Bugs were really annoying, because you had to load the complete program (about 30-60 minutes) to realize that it didn’t work

One of the first games I got was Oh mummy!. It was funny trying to deal with more and more mummyes. I’m sure that if you had played this game, you remember its song; you can find it here.

How to play

The objective is to find the two objects that allow you to pass to the next level. In the original game, the objects were a key and a kind of sarcophagus, but due to the size of the final jar file has to be under 4k, I had to substitute them by green blocks. For knowing what a block hides, you have to walk all around it.

For passing of level, after finding the two green blocks, you have to go back to the initial position.

Be careful with the mummies. They look slow at the beginning, but the are cleverer and cleverer in each new level.

Controls are the direction arrows.

Source code

Finally I submitted the source you can download it at ohmummy_src.zip.

The code is optimized for 4 Kbytes, and I had to apply my own compression format to the sprite image to mimimize its size. Compression:
  • 1 bit for transparency
    • 0 = transparent
    • 1 = colored
  • If colored, 2 bits for the color
    • 2 bits = index in the color palette 0-based


6.966 bytes
418 bytes